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  Number 254 | Septiembre 2002



Alemán Is Losing Half the Country
Another aspect of the gross political crisis involving Arnoldo Alemán has aroused particular passions on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua, a region he won handily in 1996.In round fter round of a legal-institutional conflict that has been dragging on since May, Alemán keeps losing points in that half of the country. ... continuar...


Alemán’s Choice for Now: Between Jail and Political Asylum
Renowned Liberal jurist and writer León Núñez shared with envío his reflections and "imaginings" about where the country currently stands and where it might be heading in the anti-corruption fight being waged by President Bolaños. ... continuar...


PRIVATIZATION OF WATER SERVICE FRAUGHT WITH CONFLICTS It is common knowledge that both Liberal and Sandinista leaders and the big business that now supports Bolaños benefited from the massive... continuar...


A Prolonged Duel Between Legitimacy and Legality
President Bolaños and most of civil society have the egitimacy. But the legality belongs to a political society trapped by two caudillos who control officials, institutions and the nterpretation of law. The resulting duel thus promises to be a long one. ... continuar...


Local Government and Micro-business: A Possible Marriage?
“Clusters" is the new magic development formula that the government recently imported from Harvard. But what is today’s reality for municipal governments and micro-businesses, two essential players in any such productive conglomerate? ... continuar...


Reflections on the Canonization of Central America’s First Saint
John Paul II came to Guatemala, let us witness his suffering, gave us a saint—Brother Pedro—and went away again. What kind of country did the Pope find? Who received him when he was here? What will come of his visit? ... continuar...


500 Years after the First Mass: A Demobilizing Celebration
On his fourth and last voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus "discovered" and traveled the length of Central America’s Caribbean coast from May to December 1502. Honduras’ recent celebrations of this historical event were spectacular, multitudinous… and ultimately demobilizing. ... continuar...


Brazil: A Model Response to AIDS
AIDS is the first epidemic of the age of corporate globalization, and responding to the AIDS crisis is a challenge for all societies. In Latin America, Brazil is both a model and an inspiration. How has it done it? What factors have created such an effective social cocktail? ... continuar...

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