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  Number 252 | Julio 2002



IDESO-UCA POLL ON CORRUPTION On June 14-15, the Central American University’s Institute of Surveys and Opinion Polls (IDESO) measured the perceptions of corruption among a sample of Managua’s... continuar...


Corruption and Party Polarization: The Cancer in our Justice System
Julio Francisco Báez, a Nicaraguan specialist in fiscal law, is a member of a legal commission created by President Bolaños to analyze the problems afflicting the country’s justice system. Báez presents the commission’s recommendations below, along with some of his own views on the subject. ... continuar...


A Government in the Opposition and A Pair of Caudillos Who Won’t Step Down
Bolaños dared Alemán to give up his immunity to clear up the "long chain of presumptions against you." Alemán challenged him right back: "I won’t and no one can make me." In the next breath he called for a national accord, something that the FSLN is also insisting on. Are these the labor pains of a new pact? ... continuar...

El Salvador

President Flores and the Magic Mountain
When presenting his report on his third year in office, President Flores talked of an optimistic and secure country that is climbing to the glorious summit of a mountain. But is the real picture in El Salvador quite as rosy as the President would like to paint it? ... continuar...


The Guatemalan Left: In a Delicate State
What does the URNG have to say about the Left, and what do leftists outside the URNG have to say? While everyone agrees on the need to build a "new nation," how to do it remains the apple of discord on the Guatemalan Left, which is in a delicate state with a reserved prognosis. ... continuar...


The Identity and Culture of Central American Youth Gangs
Youth gangs have been the subject of social research in Central America since the mid-nineties. Learning the characteristics of such groups and their members—without falling into the trap of oversimplification—helps us question our prejudices and promote alternatives. ... continuar...


The "Sun-Child": Everyone’s Responsibility
While most children in the South have virtually no rights, many in the North—and a privileged few in the South—enjoy far too many prerogatives. The author of this article, a European psychotherapist, contemplates the damage this is doing to both them and society, while acknowledging the values of recognizing their genuine rights. ... continuar...

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