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  Number 250 | Mayo 2002



VIOLENCE IN THE ATLANTIC COAST May 4 was the date scheduled for the inaugural session of the new Regional Councils elected in March in the North and South Atlantic Autonomous Regions (RAAN and... continuar...


Our Weak Civil Society Has Been Weakened Further
This well-known feminist journalist and activist offers >envío readers a lucid analytical recap of how civil society affected and was affected by the transition period following the Sandinista government’s 1990 electoral defeat. It is the fruit of debates, reflections and her observations of reality, necessarily through a woman’s prism. ... continuar...


The Fight Against Corruption Is a Learning Experience
No one expected so many changes so soon. The battle against corruption has greatly altered the correlation of forces in favor of President Bolaños, and is turning into a major learning experience for everyone. It seems impossible, but it’s true. How far might it go? ... continuar...

El Salvador

Elections in Sight and Diplomacy Activated
With two elections in the next two years, the governing ARENA party is looking to get into electoral gear, the opposition FMLN to overcome its recent schism, and a host of smaller parties to cash in on the discontent with the big two. Meanwhile the government is becoming more active on the diplomatic front to ingratiate itself with the US government. ... continuar...

Costa Rica

Costa Rican Democracy on the Edge
Costa Rica got a new government on May 8, and its election showed how much the country has changed. The Third World’s most advanced democracy is now threatened by orthodox neoliberalism and an ethical crisis within its governing class. It is balancing on the blade of two knives or, perhaps instead, on the double-edged blade of the same destructive knife. ... continuar...


The World Coffee Crisis: Is Vietnam to Blame?
This article puts the coffee crisis being felt so profoundly by Central America into its proper global perspective. ... continuar...

América Latina

Crime Is on the Rise in our Lands
Crime is growing every day in each of our countries, creating serious dilemmas and jeopardizing our future. We have at least two choices: punishment or prevention. Prevention implies going to the roots of the spiraling delinquency, while punishment could well end up "criminalizing the poor" and destroying our societies. ... continuar...

América Latina

Sexism in the Spanish Language
In Spanish, masculine and feminine genders provide an extra dimension to the sexism inherent in language Having steadily identified this sexism, however, feminism has now found more creative ways to transform language, which in turn helps transform reality. ... continuar...

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