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  Number 249 | Abril 2002



A Hundred Days into the New Government, There are a Hundred Questions
Everything was preamble before March 21, the day a lawsuit was opened against former President Alemán. All factors of power in the country are tapped. How well will they pass the test? ... continuar...


Between Paralysis And Passive Revolution
What has happened to the Nicaraguan population? What can explain today’s social anomie and political anemia, the lack of mass demonstrations, when there are so many reasons to protest? What do our history and the roots of our political culture tell us that could help explain it? ... continuar...


There’s Only One Valid Way Out of the War in Colombia
Colombia, so close to Central America, is deep in war. The armies of Nicaragua and the rest of the region have been put on alert by the United States. This brief article by a Colombian journalist offers basic but useful elements for understanding the Colombian crisis and, through that, our role in it. ... continuar...


The Autonomous Women’s Movement Makes 10 Demands on the Government
The Nicaraguan autonomous women’s movement has placed itself in the front line of many struggles, including the recent fight against corruption. It presented the following document to the government on March 8, International Women’s Day. ... continuar...


The Armed Wing of the "Hidden Powers" in Action
Threats, intimidation, political kidnappings and killings. The "hidden powers" are using their well-trained armed wing to smother civil society with violence. Can we act in time to keep the ghosts of the past from reviving yet again? ... continuar...


Election of the Ombudsperson: Whys, Wherefores and Challenges
The circumstances that preceded, accompanied and concluded with the election of Ramón Custodio as Human Rights Ombudsman were unprecedented in the country’s political history. They reveal much about Honduras’ political position and about where it should be going. ... continuar...


The Monterrey "Consensus" in a Sea of Speeches
The "Monterrey Consensus" actually generated far more disagreement than consensus. There have also been profound disagreements within Mexico’s political parties over how to stop corruption, guarantee human rights and build peace in Chiapas. Such differences of opinion have grown along with contradictions in a society thirsting for change. ... continuar...


For Peace, For the Future: A State for Palestine
Now that Ariel Sharon, a war criminal, has exceeded all limits by ordering an attack on the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, we join all men and women of good will everywhere in crying with indignant consternation for peace, for a State for Palestine. ... continuar...

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