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  Number 244 | Noviembre 2001



The Political Culture of the Three Nicaraguas
IDESO-UCA’s last pre-election survey provides some interesting clues about the nature of Nicaraguan political culture. ... continuar...


General Elections 2001: The Predicted, The Unpredicted, The Uncertain
With the days preceding the elections plagued by anxiety, expectation and fears of varying degrees and sources, the big surprises on election day were the huge turnout and total calm. In the long "day after" that ends with the inauguration next January, expectations are mixed with uncertainties. ... continuar...


PLC: The Resounding Winner
The final official results were long delayed, and an exhausted population is still awaiting more detailed figures from the Supreme Electoral Council. Nonetheless, we can glean a large part of what the voters had to say from the numbers now available. ... continuar...


The Road to the Elections Was Paved with Fraud
November 4, 2001: a huge turnout, a clean and transparent vote count. But these two signs of democracy legitimated a murky, undemocratic process based on exclusion and designed for polarization. There was no fraud during the elections; that happened earlier. ... continuar...


A Project Offering a Future to the Nation and Sandinisimo
During, the campaign, the Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS) negotiated its participation in a pluralist alliance with the FSLN and other forces, MRS president Dora María Téllez, one of its main promoters, shared with envío some of her views on this new project called the "Convergence".... continuar...


CIDH UPHOLDS ZOILAMÉRICA CASE Exactly two years ago, Daniel Ortega’s stepdaughter Zoilamérica Narváez filed a suit with the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (CIDH) against the Nicaraguan... continuar...

El Salvador

Can the FMLN Win the Elections?
FSLN and FMLN: once-revolutionary organizations in two similar but not identical national contexts. Will the FSLN’s defeat have any influence on the FMLN’s prospects? ... continuar...


New Ideas on Revolution and Socialism for Central America
The Marxism inherited by Central America’s leftist groups— what they opted for, what remains and what they must reconstruct—obliges them to participate in a reflection that is essential if we are to create a socialism that is valid today. ... continuar...

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