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  Number 243 | Octubre 2001



The Armageddon Effect: The Final Test
Zero hour, New York. Is it zero hour for Nicaragua too? How will the "new world" born on September 11 influence our country? ... continuar...


Who Are the Undecided and the Abstainers?
A recent poll provides a profile of who is undecided, who is planning to abstain and who can be swayed. Will it hold true, or could events swing the vote? ... continuar...


Fundamentalism, Exclusion, Identity and Annihilation
We can find fundamentalism, or fundamentalist characteristics, in Nicaragua’s youth gangs, some of its rearmed groups and its Evangelical sects. We can also find it in the expressions of our political culture. ... continuar...


Those of us in the region who have long struggled for peace would like to add our voices to the almost inaudible but growing desire to: o Cry for the dead o Disavow vengeance o Repudiate the war decreed... continuar...


MANAGUA HOSTS ANTI-MINES CONFERENCE With the world immersed in crisis following the attack on the United States, Managua hosted the III Conference of States Party to the Ottawa Convention (1997)... continuar...

El Salvador

Dollarization, Two Earthquakes and Now War
El Salvador’s economy is more closely linked to the United States than any other in Central America. The war will bring even more problems to the country in a year that has already been tragic for the poor. ... continuar...


Pain and questions in the Guatemalan Press
The world won’t be the same, but Guatemala will. We will continue in our daily drama, our eternal poverty…" The thoughts of Guatemalans on the September 11 tragedy are reflected here in a chorus of voices. ... continuar...


How Wide Will the War on Terrorism Cast its Net?
Mexico’s politicians may use the "war against terrorism" to try to subjugate the indigenous peoples even further. The new indigenous law is an historical mistake, but it would be even more perverse to identify indigenous discontent with terrorism. ... continuar...


Dual Societies: A Ticking Bomb
A lucid analysis of the social and economic climate that generates violence. ... continuar...


The World on the Ropes
The United States has responded to the terrorist attacks with a war it predicts will be very long, but eventually victorious for "civilization" because God is again on its side. With both sides displaying such fanaticism, our world is on the ropes. ... continuar...

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