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  Number 242 | Septiembre 2001
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Between Two Evils and Many Dreams
Some will vote with conviction, others with resignation, still others will not vote at all. But they all have a dream ... continuar...


Abstention in 2001? The Messages of 2000
Polls and speculations abound on the subject of abstentions in the coming elections. The following is a reflection on the abstentions in last year’s municipal elections. ... continuar...


Which Party Has the Best Agricultural Development Plan?
Agriculture technology specialist Laurent Levard, who heads the Central American University’s Agrarian Sciences Department, shared with envío his impressions about the initial plans presented by the PLC and FSLN for developing Nicaraguan agriculture. We offer them below.... continuar...


The Wounds of Sexual Abuse
In Nicaragua, as in the rest of the world, awareness is growing of the extent and impact of sexual abuse and incest committed against children and adolescents of both sexes. We spoke with Lorna Norori, one of Nicaragua’s most experienced psychologists working with survivors of abuse. ... continuar...


Protected Areas and Natural Resources: With or Without People?
Protecting biodiversity requires respecting sociodiversity. The more people know about and use their natural resources, the more concerned they will become about preserving them. Defending our forests and resources requires creativity and a new focus that involves people. ... continuar...


PRIVATIZATION OF ENITEL On August 30, after several failed tries, the government finally closed a deal to sell off 40% of the shares of Nicaragua’s telecommunications company (ENITEL) to a Swedish... continuar...


Who’s Rescuing the South’s Shipwreck: NGOs or the State?
NGOs have to find their place in the world. Are they with the state, without it or against it? By insisting that certain projects be self-sustainable, presenting the poor as responsible for overcoming their poverty and presenting themselves as more efficient than the state, NGOs are actually supporting the neoliberal model. ... continuar...

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