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  Number 240 | Julio 2001



The Electoral Film Rolls On
Who would want to govern a bankrupt country? Three parties are fighting to do so, polishing their strategies and scripts, but one is offering only warmed-over economic programs, another is touting only contradictory, demagogic ones, and the third blew its shot at being a real alternative. ... continuar...


The Brief, Necessary and Stormy History of the FUAC
The rhetoric of President Alemán and his followers has sadly made the FUAC a "protagonist" in the election campaign—despite the fact that it no longer exists. It is worth looking back and understanding this armed group in context to get closer to the truth. ... continuar...


Nicaragua’s Sexual Culture: A Loveless Legacy
How do Nicaraguan men experience their sexuality? And Nicaraguan women? An audacious, pioneering and much needed study offers us some troubling answers and inescapable challenges. ... continuar...


FUAC: Milestones on the Road
With only meager documentary data available on the activities the FUAC engaged in between 1995 and 1997 —the "social banditry" years before its demobilization— this not-so-mini-chronology provides a framework for reconstructing this armed group’s long history. ... continuar...


Roots and Patterns of our Political Culture
Allan Bolt, Nicaragua’s leading cultural worker, is a defender of grassroots interests, an inspirer of hope. With his country in the depths of yet a new national crisis twenty-two years after the triumph of the revolution, he shared with envío his views on the reasons. ... continuar...


PRESIDENT ALEMÁN HITS THE ROAD… Amid all the tension in Managua in mid- June generated by a two-week-long bus strike and two weeks of paralysis in the Supreme Electoral Council due to the lack... continuar...


The Central American Media’s Turn On the Democratization Agenda
The Central American agenda of the 1990s was dominated by crucial issues related to governability, such as decentralization, citizenship, sustainable development and transparency. In this new decade, it’s the media’s turn. ... continuar...


The War Against Market Monotheism
The religion of the market is monotheistic; its only god is money. In the South it denies people the means to live, while in the North it denies them the reason to live.... continuar...

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