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  Number 239 | Junio 2001



The Economy in the Electoral Film: Strong Scenes, Uncertain Script
Shot by shot, scene by scene, sequence by sequence, the electoral film’s economic script is extremely worrying with only five months to go before the elections. ... continuar...


Siuna: A Hundred Years of Abandonment
Siuna has always been governed by the law of the gun. The rearmed groups affecting the municipality and the crisis currently experienced there have their own history: a hundred years of solitude and abandonment. ... continuar...


Ways Out of the Rural Crisis: Reforest, Educate and Don’t Steal
Alvaro Fiallos, vice-president of the National Farmers and Ranchers Union (UNAG), gave a talk at envío about Nicaragua’s agricultural crisis. The following are some of his thoughts on the issue. ... continuar...


PUBLIC TRANSPORT CRISIS A decision in mid-May by around 40 Managua bus cooperatives to raise the fare from two to three córdobas without any legal authorization has led to a regrettable social... continuar...


Gerardi Case: Justice for a Just Man
The prosecutor has asked for thirty years of prison for three military officers and a priest found guilty of assassinating Bishop Juan Gerardi in Guatemala. Here are the main pieces in this historic trial. ... continuar...


Peace in Chiapas: The Curse of Sisyphus?
Mexico’s new Indigenous Law legally defines native peoples as objects of protection rather than autonomous subjects of rights, including the right to free self-determination. They will have to begin again, to keep fighting. ... continuar...


Vital Democracy: A Feminist Proposal
The time has come to give democracy a new first name. Democracy’s current challenge is to ensure that women and men equitably share rights and responsibilities in both the public and private realms. ... continuar...

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