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  Number 229 | Agosto 2000



The Air is Thick With Electoral Fraud
The political atmosphere is getting murkier by the day. It was already hard enough to breathe before the Interbank crisis, an unexpected "settling of accounts" between pact makers, contaminated the air even more. ... continuar...


Masaya Trembles: The Lessons of a Disaster
Nicaragua’s most densely populated area is riddled with fault lines. Recent earthquakes in Masaya offer us more lessons on how to reduce the dangers of living there, but nobody seems to want to learn. Should we all just move to the Caribbean coast? ... continuar...


ANOTHER ANNIVERSARY OF THE REVOLUTION Some fifty thousand people gathered across the street from the Plaza of the Revolution on July 19 to honor the 21st anniversary of the Sandinista revolution.... continuar...


Fiscal Pact a Major Achievement, Tax Reform Next in Line
Getting Guatemalan business and social representatives and researchers to sit at the same table and hammer out a fiscal pact is an unprecedented achievement. It is in fact the closest thing to a "social pact" the country has ever known. Will the tax reform that comes out of this pact live up to it? ... continuar...


Beginning of the End for the PRI? Will Fox Deliver?
The votes cast by the Mexican people have begun dismantling the PRI, but it will take time to wrest away all the privileges accumulated over many decades. Fox will take office laden with a number of important commitments, but only steady social pressure will ensure that he delivers. ... continuar...


The Option of Abortion: Urgent Reflections
The following is an open letter to a Catholic Church authority questioning the ecclesiastical doctrine condemning abortion. Its author’s pastoral work is with Central American women and girls who have survived incest and sexual violence. ... continuar...


Development Aid In Crisis: Donor Fatigue
Why are the donor nations of the North allocating fewer resources for international cooperation in developing the countries of the South? One reason is that there is little to show for the money that has been invested. Promoting "good governance" as a condition for development aid may be the key that both North and South need to overcome donor fatigue. ... continuar...

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