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  Number 228 | Julio 2000



The Road to Elections Is Paved With the Pains of the Pact
The two-party system forced by the pact together with an evident economic recession are helping Ortega look like a real alternative. The FSLN’s return to power is a possibility we must begin to consider.... continuar...


THE CHECK SCAM: DISMISSALS… Fallout from the June 7 resolution of the Office of Comptroller General (CGR) on the "check scam" corruption case involving Byron Jerez, head of the state’s General... continuar...

El Salvador

A Government Tough on the Weak And Weak with the Strong
Francisco Flores’ government is providing continuity with the last two ARENA governments by promoting an economic model that is increasing the financial sector’s power. Alfredo Cristiani, the real power behind Flores’ throne, is thus gaining more and more influence in that sector. ... continuar...


Democracy in the Region? A Decade of Paradoxes
Is it valid to speak of new democracies in Central America when the model itself promotes economic and political exclusion? When the market itself marginalizes and the culture discriminates? The nineties were plagued with contradictions and paradoxes that reveal persistent anti-democratic practices and styles. ... continuar...

América Latina

Latin America and International Cooperation
In a recent conference on Finland and Latin America, Sandinista Renovation Movement president Dora María Téllez, speaking on behalf of Latin America, explained our continent’s problems and spoke of needs that international cooperation can and should back. ... continuar...


Transgenic Foodstuffs: Gateway to a Controversy
Nicaragua’s passage a few months ago of a law protecting the obtainment of vegetable matter opened the gates to a debate on transgenic crops. It is a complex discussion and the information is concentrated in few hands, so it helps to have a few principles clear. ... continuar...


Transgenic Crops: Critical Voices from the South
Latin Americans possibly know less than anyone about the real scope of the "second green revolution," based on the evelopment of transgenic crops. We have to get a grip on the problem and start thinking and acting.... continuar...

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