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  Number 227 | Junio 2000



Youth Gangs: A Cultural Prison
Getting out of a youth gang creates more problems than it solves. Does Nicaragua really want to "get out" of the problem of youth gangs? If so, the current efforts are leading nowhere, because they are only designed to punish. ... continuar...


A Society Scandalized
The pact plows forward, shrouded in impunity. Most of the population has not linked up the agreement’s negative effects on their own serious problems just surviving. Could this situation change significantly prior to the elections? And what might the election results themselves change, if anything? We are living in a scandalized society. ... continuar...


POVERTY IN COLD NUMBERS According to the figures of a household survey done recently by the United Nations Development Program UNDP), only 50% of houses in Nicaragua have electricity and drinking... continuar...


Who Fishes Best in Troubled Waters?
General Ríos Montt and his followers are trying to remilitarize the country from their stronghold in Congress. Progressive forces in Portillo’s government are pulling the opposite way. It is not yet clear which side is stronger, or who’s in control in the turbulent waters of Guatemala today. ... continuar...


On the Eve of the Elections: A Vote of Fear or a Vote for Change?
If the PRI wins and the destructive state party formula survives, the transition to democracy will be aborted or at least postponed. If the opposition wins and the PRI begins to crumble, however, it could ignite a transcendental democratic change and make possible advances in social democracy. ... continuar...


Money Laundering and Investment: A Few Clues
Discovering how drug-trafficking profits are laundered and invested is complicated, risky and increasingly difficult. How has financial globalization facilitated these illegal operations? ... continuar...

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