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  Number 226 | Mayo 2000



Pensions System Reforms: Three in One
Nicaragua’s pension system has been subjected to three reforms: adjustment of its parameters, privatization of its administration and a thoroughgoing replacement of the model under which it operated. Solidarity is out and inequity, the basic problem, was worsened. But all this could change with a new government. ... continuar...


US EMBASSY USES CARROT ON CORRUPTION… After very specific criticisms of the government’s laxity in dealing with corruption, US Ambassador Oliver Garza held a private breakfast meeting with President... continuar...


Henry Ruiz: The FSLN Has Lost the Strong Ethical Basis that Motivated Us
Henry Ruiz, the revolutionary commander known as "Modesto," a legend in Nicaraguan history, spoke with envío about the past, present and future of revolutionaries in a talk reproduced here. ... continuar...


Destination: Washington Baggage: Overweight
Nicaragua’s crisis of governance has metastasized to many parts of the body politic, and is particularly eating away at the two major parties. Nonetheless, the municipal elections are going ahead, albeit on shaky ground. ... continuar...


The First Hundred Days: A Foreseeable Explosion
As Rigoberta Menchú says, "If we want true reconciliation, with no vengeance in the future, we need to uncover the truth and deal with the syndrome of fear lurking in every corner of this country." Her words are key to understanding the government response to the first outbreak of social unrest it has faced. ... continuar...


After Hurricane Mitch: An Untold Story
LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND CIVIL SOCIETY FROM AGUÁN AND ÁBULUGUNA AND PASTORAL AGENTS OF THE TRUJILLO DIOCESE What happens when all three sides of the triangle formed by local governments, civil society and international cooperation join together and coordinate their efforts? Answers to that question are now emerging in a remote and forgotten region of Honduras. ... continuar...


How Dollar Remittances Are Changing a Village
How are the dollar remittances sent home by the region’s emigrants changing the face of rural Central America? We can begin to glean an answer by looking at a rural Honduran village, where modern colors now blend with the traditional rustic hues. ... continuar...

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