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  Number 222 | Enero 2000



Rethinking Power from a Feminist Vision
In looking at why revolutionary movements have failed, one must also look at men’s historical inability to listen to women and share power with them. Margaret Randall, whose book Sandino’s Daughters Revisited has just been translated into Spanish, gives us an opportunity to reflect and rectify. ... continuar...


"The FSLN Leadership’s Disintegration Goes Way Back"
Extracts from a talk given at the envío offices by prominent FSLN militant Vilma Núñez de Escorcia, president of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH), in which she shared some of her views on the FSLN’s internal crisis.... continuar...


After the Pact: The Die Is Cast
The "center" has been opened up not by ideologues but by a political moment and a dramatic history. The coming months, culminating with the municipal elections, will be a first and decisive test for those who find themselves in this center following the pact. ... continuar...


The New Portillo Government: Demagoguery or Revolution?
The inaugural address, the first measures and some of the faces in the Cabinet of Guatemala’s new President suggest an ambitious, innovative program. Expectations are running sky high. What will happen if none of this actually gets off the ground? ... continuar...


University Resists Neoliberal Violence
The student movement is fighting for free university education so that the poor will not be robbed of the chance to study and education will remain a right rather than a commodity. The central issue in this battle is whether or not knowledge will be enslaved to capital. The movement is the largest, most important challenge to the neoliberal model in Mexico thus far —which explains the government crackdown. ... continuar...


Key Elements of the Honduras-Nicaragua Territorial Conflict
Nicaragua filed a territorial dispute case against Honduras at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which opened on February 4. It promises to be a costly process that could last anywhere between three and five years. Augusto Zamora, who played an important part in the country’s eventual victory over the United States at the same Court in 1986, explains Nicaragua’s position below. ... continuar...

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