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  Number 221 | Diciembre 1999



Crossroads at the Century’s End
Nicaragua's current government, which the population has labeled the most corrupt in the country's history, and which had the audacity to imprison the Comptroller General of the Republic yet is defenseless before the territorial claims of Colombia and Honduras, enjoys its main--virtually its only--support in the leadership of the FSLN. A pretty pathetic way to ring out the old century.... continuar...


JARQUÍN WARNS OF A RETURN TO THE PAST From his jail cell, Comptroller General Agustín Jarquín sent a letter to the members of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and Inter-American Human... continuar...


Governance in Nicaragua
Statements and declarations have rained down in response to the sentencing of Agustín Jarquín, Comptroller General of the Republic, and his subsequent imprisonment. This statement by Carmelo Angulo, the United Nations Development Program's representative in Nicaragua, is especially worthy of attention because of the issues he raises and the proposals he makes.... continuar...


Summing Up Hurricane Mitch: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Mitch generated a hurricane of reports and other documents. The national crisis that accompanied it generated a hurricane of pressures on the government and of challenges for Nicaraguan society. There were achievements and progress, and we even learned things from the eternal return of the same old errors. And we came to understand that the municipalities are finally coming into their own.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Subversive Memory Of a Country’s Martyrs
The tenth anniversary of the massacre at San Salvador's Central American University turned into a national fiesta in remembrance of the thousands of martyrs of the Salvadoran civil war, demonstrating that in a country still awaiting the arrival of real peace, a peaceful future might yet be forged from the memory of the blood spilt and the efforts made.... continuar...

América Latina

Let People’s Voices Be Heard In the New Millennium
Citizenship is the exercise of power. But a citizenry without a voice, without opinion, without its own media, is a weakened citizenry. The new millennium will be just like the old one in Latin America if this situation, which is a serious violation of human rights, does not change.... continuar...

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