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  Number 215 | Junio 1999



After Stockholm and Before the Pact
Nicaragua's political reality lies somewhere between the sweet fruits pledged in Stockholm and the certainly bitter fruits of the Alemán-Ortega pact. The contents of that pact go against all the socio-political and institutional presuppositions that Nicaragua's transformation requires, and on which the international community put so much emphasis in Stockholm.... continuar...


MOURNING IN POSOLTEGA On May 20, a group of Posoltega survivors consigned to a common grave more than 35 bags of unidentifiable skeletal parts from the two thousand plus victims of the Casita... continuar...


Posoltega: Where the Land Burns
No one can comprehend the utter neglect with which the central government has treated the disaster victims in Posoltega from the very start. After being struck by Hurricane Mitch, they were further punished by Hurricane Alemán. And while the mudslide that roared down the slopes of the volcano buried much of their land, a new presidential decree has taken it all away from them. The land problem is burning here, in the center of the tragedy.... continuar...

El Salvador

A Tough New Government And a Lost Opposition
ARENA has just inaugurated the government it always wanted but never managed to have, one with qualified professionals, a humanitarian image and strict party control over the state. It faces a country full of problems and an FMLN weakened in its convictions and strengthened only in its infighting and aggressiveness.... continuar...


Electoral Results: All in the Same Boat
A divided government or a shared government? The results of the May 2 elections allow for both readings. All of the parties were left in the same boat and the ship will go down if some try to torpedo others. Civil society might prove to be the force best able to stabilize the voyage and help the budding democracy mature. ... continuar...


Society and Parties on Diverging Paths
The parties are absorbed in their internal struggles and only focusing on candidacies and electoral marketing. Meanwhile, society is weaving new networks out of the disappointment, anger and dreams of many people and the government only responds to the demands of an effervescent society with injustice. How long can this continue? Injustice can also fuel rebellion.... continuar...

América Latina

Violence against Women: A Centuries-Old Plague
The 20th century has been the women's century. The advances have been colossal, but so are the still-pending challenges, including the eradication of violence against women. Not only do the majority of violent acts against women still go unpunished, they are silently tolerated by society and by the victims themselves.... continuar...

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