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  Number 213 | Abril 1999



The Long March against Corruption
Nicaragua is still being battered by the hurricane winds of governmental corruption and the battle to control it. From the one side comes the President's latest and most regrettable scheme against the Office of Comptroller General and from the other the citizenry's first and most encouraging opposition to this scheme. But these two movements of action and reaction may be starting to alter the existing correlation of forces. Last month's "march against corruption" is a promising reaction from a society that has so far opted to be a spectator but could be starting to take on an active role. Meanwhile, the international community is concerned about the intensification of the institutional crisis triggered by the President.... continuar...


1999 BUDGET APPROVED WITH GLITCHES The approval of the 1999 General Budget of the Republic was for months a centerpiece of the institutional conflict wracking the country. The legal limit established... continuar...


The Comptroller’s Office and Corruption: What does Managua Think?
Is there corruption in Nicaragua? Who is involved in it, who is trying to stop it, and how is the fight against it being waged? Politicians talk about it, the news is filled with it. Although people are saying less, they do have their own opinions about the crisis that has erupted around the Presidency and the Office of Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), the institution with a constitutional mandate to ensure the proper use of public property.... continuar...


Cayanlipe: Six Months of Solitude
While "disastrologists" and technicians analyze, plan and classify damages, there are devastated zones in Nicaragua where the people are living today as if Hurricane Mitch had hit just yesterday. No reconstruction, ruined soil, the return to a system of land ownership concentrated in the hands of the few, more unemployment. The victims have heard many promises, but nobody really seems to be interested in them.... continuar...

El Salvador

Reflections After the Electoral Hurricane
El Salvador needs a left opposition. It needs one that serves the grassroots majorities yet represents the interests of society as a whole, as opposed to one only open to left militants. Will the FMLN—today divided and publicly in conflict—be up to this challenge?... continuar...


"Memory of Silence:" A Stunning Indictment
Some 200,000 dead and disappeared between 1962 and 1996, the vast majority Mayans, and over 90% of that number accountable to state military and paramilitary terrorism. The government's initial reaction to the report, however, has demonstrated just how difficult it remains for the country to come to terms with its past.... continuar...


An Exodus in Search of Housing
Six months after Mitch, the government is planning but letting nobody in on its secrets, making promises it has so far failed to fulfill, and making declarations but not allowing participation. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Hondurans wait for a roof over their heads. Four of the main challenges in the "exodus" of these refugees are obtaining land, organizing the communities, ensuring a decent life in the new settlements and providing housing that is not a charitable give-away.... continuar...


Zapatista Consultation of Universal Value
ith a mobilization never before seen in Mexican history, the Zapatistas and civil society taught their compatriots unforgettable lessons about radical democracy, organizing from below and intercultural dialogue The consultation and the mobilization accompanying it were like nothing before seen in Mexican history. They reappraised the role of women, encouraged mutual learning and sowed joy and new hopes. It is a gift from Mexico to the whole world.... continuar...

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