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  Number 212 | Marzo 1999



In the Vortex of Hurricane "Corruption"
The Office of Comptroller General has engaged in a struggle for government transparency and accountability that is reaching all the way to the President of the Republic. But such an unprecedented effort on behalf of the common good cannot bring overnight results; social passivity, a weak state and a caudillo custom of privilege conspire against it.... continuar...


CLINTON'S VISIT President Clinton's March 8 visit to Nicaragua lasted seven hours. The central act took place at the base of the Casita volcano in Posoltega, one of the main symbols of the human... continuar...


A Plea from Prinzapolka
Four US businessmen are trying to appropriate the traditional lands corresponding to 12 Miskito communities in Prinzapolka. It is one of the most serious property conflicts currently rocking Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast region, a conflict between a legality that lacks legitimacy and the age-old traditions of the land of Tulu Walpa, which still lack legality.... continuar...


A Necessary Turnaround: Betting on Cities and Towns
The government claims to be prioritizing agriculture in order to assure economic reactivation. Many NGOs see the countryside as the key to development and are placing their bets there too. But too few people are discussing the wisdom of these bets, even after Mitch. Perhaps this road leads nowhere, and Mitch was a warning signal. Why not make a turnaround in economic policy and bet on the urban economy instead?... continuar...


Puerto Morazán: Problems in an Ill-Fated Land
Reading about Puerto Morazán and its shrimp farms in the economic sections of Managua's daily papers calls up images of prosperity, economic boom and frenetic activity. This was not, however, the situation before Hurricane Mitch, nor is it now. It is obvious in this small forgotten corner of western Nicaragua that the images used to sell us the idea that exportation of nontraditional products is the key to development are deceptive at best.... continuar...

El Salvador

ARENA's Victory and the Predictable Disenchantment
Abstention won the day; disenchantment triumphed. Rather than victory for ARENA, the elections represented defeat for the FMLN, as people displayed their distrust of the left-wing leaders. As one peasant from Arcatao—the home town of the FMLN candidate put it "He may treat me like a brother now, but once he's on top he won't even recognize me."... continuar...


On the Eve of Great Change
In May, presidential elections. In September, a new President. On December 31, in compliance with the Carter-Torrijos Treaty, the Panama Canal in Panama's hands. This is how Panama will cross the threshold into the 21st Century. Will it finally, from that point forward, begin to forge its true independence?... continuar...


Mitch, Foreign Debt, Disasters, Emigrants And Remittances in Central America
US President William Clinton visited Central America, including Nicaragua, between March 8 and 11. In addition to humanitarian aid, how will the United States support the reconstruction of our countries? The following are excerpts from a document whose analysis and proposals have had a great influence on current US policy in the region.... continuar...

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