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  Number 210 | Enero 1999



100 Days after Mitch: Any Sign of a Change of Attitude?
Will Mitch turn out to be the unexpected opportunity for the change of attitudes a European diplomat wisely called for? Or a golden chance for opportunists adept at fishing in turbulent waters? The answer is not yet clear, but those with the greatest responsibility toward the multitudes who lost everything don't seem to have changed much. They are doing a good business selling optimistic images. ... continuar...


US ARMY TO THE RESCUE The first 380 members of a total US Army contingent of 1,700 arrived in Nicaragua on December 9. They make up a Joint Task Force called "Building Hope," the first US military... continuar...


San Francisco Libre: Giving It One More Try
San Francisco Libre is like a small observatory that provides some insight into why the most diverse development projects collapse. Turned into a desert by a cotton boom and engulfed by the waters of Lake Managua as a result of Hurricane Mitch, San Francisco Libre is today full of ideas and a willingness to implement them that finally promise real development. ... continuar...


A Cry Rises Over Raging Waters
Hurricane Mitch uncovered what Guatemala tries to hide: the impoverished squatter settlements clinging precariously to the sides of its urban ravines and the miserable lives of the thousands of children, women and men who live in them. We cannot rebuild unless things change in the capital and the country as a whole, in the cities and in the countryside; unless the poor are taken into account.... continuar...


Budding Organization And a Hurricane of Contradictions
The victims of the hurricane fear being transferred to the macro-shelters; the municipalities do not have land for housing; the victims are complaining to the national and local governments; those unaffected do not want to live near those who lost everything; the poor—the eternal victims—continue emigrating north; and the youth gangs and number of kidnappings keep on growing. But despite all this, the pain is at least providing a chance to develop organization.... continuar...


The Pope, Poverty and Chiapas
The government wanted to show the Pope a clean image by hiding what is really happening in Chiapas. It wasn’t able to do so and neither could it hide the poverty that has affected 15 million more Mexicans during this administration. In the end, neoliberalism was condemned and the right of the indigenous peoples vindicated and defended.... continuar...


What Should Change in Central America?
On November 11, days after the Mitch tragedy, Misereor, a German Catholic aid organization, sent the following open letter to the Presidents of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. We offer a translation of its challenge of conscience from the North to governments of the South that claim to represent their respective peoples.... continuar...


A Way Out of the Economic Growth Trap
These are advanced and visionary ideas from the North that we in the South should know about, reflect upon and debate, because what is ultimately at stake is the course that this planet will take and the destiny of the human species.... continuar...

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