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  Number 206 | Septiembre 1998



MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENTS WRUNG DRY More than 40 of the country's 147 municipal governments run the risk of coming to a total halt due to their huge deficits. They are unable to cover their operating... continuar...


Stormy Weather... Can't Get Our Poor Selves Together
With the celebration of 177 years of independence, the cloudy political atmosphere generated by the pact between the government and the FSLN prevents a clear vision of the path ahead. Even in the midst of the clouds, a consensus grows that we are bad off and heading for worse.... continuar...


Government-FSLN Pact: Where Are the People?
For some time now envío has been making efforts to accompany its analysis and research with reliable surveys and quick public opinion soundings by our own team that respond to the specific concerns growing out of the changing national reality and less known local realities. It is with understandable satisfaction that we herewith present to our readers the first fruit of this effort by IDESO, our new institute of surveys and opinion polling. We hope these "small plebiscites" or "constant referendums," as one person polled called them, will become a regular feature in these pages.... continuar...

El Salvador

FMLN Fails to Elect Candidate
The possibilities that the FMLN will beat ARENA in the 1999 presidential elections have been reduced after what happened in the party’s national convention. Before the eyes of all, the Salvadoran left showed itself to be immature and irresponsible. ... continuar...


The Circle Closes Around the Gerardi Case
In Guatemala, a country which today is passing through several transitions, governing means creating a state and ordering society. The government of Alvaro Arzú does not measure up to the challenge. The murder of Bishop Gerardi confronts it with the greatest of its dilemmas and limits the space for implementing the peace process.... continuar...


US Chemical Weapons in Panama: A Dangerous Legacy
An edited version of the report, "Test Tube Republic: Chemical Weapons Tests in Panama and U.S. Responsibility," authored by John Lindsay-Poland of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, with the active collaboration of the Chemical Weapons Working Group, Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, Greenpeace, Panamanian Center for Research and Social Action (CEASPA) and Center for Latin American Studies (CELA). On August 30, the Panamanian people voted down the referendum of President Pérez Balladares to run for reelection. With "El Toro" out of the race, no one knows who will receive the Panama Canal from the United States on December 31, 1999. Much more important, no one yet knows if the territories that Panama will receive will be clean and safe. ... continuar...


Fighting Poverty With Democracy
An important topic in Latin America is the need to link economy and democracy more closely. Electoral democracy is not enough; the market needs to be democratized. It is a wide-open struggle in which liberal democracy is incapable of responding adequately to the demands of thinking citizens in a globalized society. ... continuar...

América Latina

A Declaration of Human Rights For the 21st Century
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was born exactly fifty years ago, in 1948. A new initiative by Latin America's women is now touring the continent in search of discussion and support for its... continuar...

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