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  Number 200 | Marzo 1998



A Test in Ethics For a Society in Crisis
The accusations made against Daniel Ortega by his stepdaughter Zoilamérica Narváez unexpectedly put a necessary, always present but always postponed theme in the FSLN on the already tense and complex national agenda: ethics in politics.And it added a new variant: the relationship between private and public ethics.... continuar...


On the Death of BANADES (r.i.p.)
With BANADES dead and buried, a new state institution is born: the Small Farmer Credit Fund. Is it reincarnation, resurrection or a new creature? What agents will it use to fulfill its appointed role of financing small producers – the NGOs dedicated to providing credit or the private banking system? As we observe the passing of BANADES it behooves us to begin to respond to this question. ... continuar...


FSLN RE-ENTERS NATIONAL ASSEMBLY After having boycotted the National Assembly for several weeks due to what it called the illegal election of Executive Board members on January 9, the FSLN took... continuar...


The Zoilamérica Case: Some Protagonists Speak
We offer translations of the various texts for purposes of reflection: First, the letter from Zoilamérica Narváez that so unexpectedly appeared in Bolsa de Noticias on March 3. Second, the communiqué read publicly that same day by her mother, Rosario Murillo. Third, the expansion by Zoilamérica on her letter as well as extracts from an interview with her, both of which appeared in the weekly Confidencia l of March 8. And last, the letter her estranged husband Alejandro Bendaña sent to her that same day International Women Day.... continuar...


Financial Crisis in Asia: What It Can Teach Us
From a talk by Valpy Fitzgerald, director of the Finance and Trade Research Centre of Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford, with envío and with Masters students in Development from Central American University in Managua about this predictable as well as worrisome crisis.... continuar...


A Year Without War: "Low Intensity Peace"?
The first year that Guatemala experiences without war is diagnosed by the government, the opposition, public opinion polls, the bishops, the ex-guerrilla movement and human rights organizations. The balance is quite complex and sets an agenda of tasks before us.... continuar...


Multilateral Investment Agreement: Friend of the Rich, Enemy of Nations
The Multilateral Investment Agreement (MIA) has ceased to be a secret agreement among the majors and has become a matter of public scrutiny for those who are concerned about democracy, development and human rights for the majority of the population. We have here a passionate chronicle of what is actually happening.... continuar...

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