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  Number 195 | Octubre 1997



The Dangers of a Democracy On Paper Only
We are on the verge of a new adjustment agreement with the IMF. Are we on the verge of an “understanding” between the government and the FSLN? At what cost? Time is what Nicaragua can least spare for rehearsals and reverses, especially now, when the country is sinking into dangerous quicksand. ... continuar...


Does a Trap Lurk Behind the Struggle for 6%?
Juan Bautista Arrien shared with envío , in a transcribed talk, his evaluation of the problems facing education in Nicaragua today. His words are a warning for the nation.... continuar...


POVERTY KEEPS MOUNTING A study by the research institute Nitlapán-UCA, published in mid-August, shows that only 18.3% of the Nicaraguan population has all its basic and non-basic needs satisfied.... continuar...


Baby Steps Towards Democracy
After the change experienced in the country after the electoral process, the key questions that remain important and should orient the opposition now that it has a greater share of power are these: how many participated? in how many places? about which concerns? Only when the answers to these three questions is “the majority” will Mexico have arrived a true democracy.... continuar...

América Latina

NGOs: Rethinking Strategy
There will come a day when the local become the protagonist of social movements. To make that day come quicker, the NGOs seeking alternatives throughout the world should stop to examine their strategies and begin to face up to the new challenges.... continuar...

Estados Unidos

How the US Trained Latin America's Military: The Smoking Gun
Recently declassified manuals, seven from the Pentagon and two from the CIA, are convincing proof that for 20 years the U.S. government trained Latin American military personnel to commit massive violations of human rights. No one in the U.S., however, has ever been called to account for this crime.... continuar...

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