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  Number 194 | Septiembre 1997



Forestry Plan Backfires
Each year 150,000 hectares of forests disappear from Nicaragua’s map. Is the current forest policy sufficient to detain this disaster? Up to now prohibitions and environmental education are not yielding the desired results.... continuar...


President Arnoldo Alemán Between the Fund and the Front
Today in Nicaragua there does not exist any military, political, social or economic force capable of imposing control on other forces. What the July crisis made more than clear is that the government cannot hope to have either the first or the last word. ... continuar...


6% STRUGGLE GOES ON The conflict between the universities and the government over the total or partial provision of 6% of the national budget for university administration continued throughout... continuar...

El Salvador

FMLN Congresswomen Speak
The morning at the end of June when envío had its first contact with the FMLN congresswomen seemed like a special day: the third floor of the Legislative Assembly, where the FMLN bench members have their... continuar...


Maquila*: The Swallow That Lays Golden Eggs
Maquila*: refers to the type of foreign-owned assembly plants set up in low-wage third world countries that put together products, mostly clothing, from imported materials then re-export them for... continuar...


Elections: One Step Forward and Many Unknowns
Elections were held on July 6 for the entire federal House of Representatives and 32 of the 126 Senate seats, together with local elections in the Federal District and 6 other states. The head of the... continuar...


We Are Trying to Listen
In the February-March issue of envío, (vol. 16, no. 187-188), we published an open letter of resignation by Andrés McKinley, then Central American field representative for Community Aid Abroad, an Australian non-governmental organization (NGO). In his letter, McKinley criticized the recent approach of his and other NGOs from the North toward countries of the South. Respecting the right of reply and encouraging open debate, we publish below the e-mail response we received in May from Community Aid Abroad. We regret that we did not have space to publish it earlier.... continuar...


Archeology of the Idea of Development
Forty years have passed since the U.S. began to circulate the idea of “development” as a worldwide objective. The results are frightful. Plants and animals are disappearing, never to be seen again. Entire cultures are vanishing, swept away by the technologies of progress. Are there alternatives? Neither winners nor losers know how to escape from the “development” trap. ... continuar...


It's Time to Turn History Around
In mid-March 1997, a group of 30 people from all regions of the World—North and South America, Europe, the Arab world, Africa, Asia—took the initiative to create a World Forum of Alternatives. While the Davos Forum mobilizes the world's millionaires around indecent globalization programs, the aim of this forum is to help foster humanistic alternatives on behalf of the lives of the peoples of the world and of liberating democracy. envío reprints below the Manifesto to which this initiative is soliciting adherence. This English-language version was translated from the Spanish by the envío team.... continuar...

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