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  Number 190 | Mayo 1997



Local Power: The Participation That Makes Miracles
Democracy that begins and ends with the ballot box transforms nothing and changes nobody. Democracy where the people participate and the authorities are honest promotes community, development, hope and the future.... continuar...


Peace on the Surface, Torment Underneath
In early January, five liberal ideologues wrote up plan 180, a strictly confidential strategy document titled "PLC Strategy 2000." It essentially lays out the steps that the new Alemán government must take in its first six months to assure that the Liberals remain in power at least until 2016. Substantial parts of the document were leaked to the Nicaraguan bulletin Bolsa de Noticias, and published in its March 14 issue. The document is genuine and it is revealing envío offers translated extracts from the leaked document below.... continuar...


Alemán in a Race Against Time
With the rains of May, Arnoldo Alemán’s government must apply the harsh measures that the ESAF II imposes on Nicaragua. Alemán has no funds to ease these measures and no time to postpone them. Time is running out.... continuar...


ALEMÁN AT THE IDB The most numerous Latin American delegation at the annual Assembly of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), held in Barcelona, Spain, in mid-March, was, believe it or not,... continuar...

El Salvador

A Trial by Fire With Good Results
The results of the legislative and municipal elections in El Salvador awaken new expectations and present new challenges for Central America. The triumph of the left in the city of San Salvador is at the heart of the challenge.... continuar...


Peace Built on a Time Bomb
This important declaration published by the Archdiocesan Human Rights Office on March 10 under the title "On the Socioeconomic Problems and Their Alternatives" is an analysis/proposal about Guatemala's reality three months after peace was signed. We have translated it in its entirety, adding subtitles.... continuar...


A Small but Real Hope
Between the two great oak trees, the traditional parties, and livelier then the two small parties, eternal bonsais, has arisen the PUD, a party of the Honduran left, a small but real source of hope that looks longingly at what has occurred in the El Salvador elections. ... continuar...


One Ethic Is Vanishing and Another Being Announced
For over two hundred years, nation and work were two values that gave us a sense of dignity and belonging, yet both have now entered into an irreversible crisis. On what values will the new society and the new ethic be built? Professor Comblin examines this question in the following essay, which appeared in Cristianismo y Sociedad, No. 125-126, under the title, "La sociedad del saber y la responsabilidad ética de sus nuevas élites." ... continuar...

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