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  Number 183 | Octubre 1996



A Nicaragua of the People and for the People Nicaragua's Commitment to a Minimum National Agenda Managua, 1996
The Minimum Agenda is an initiative promoted by the International Foundation for Global Economic Development, in consultation with 150 representatives of NGOs and sectors of Nicaraguan civil society. It offers a diagnostic of the country before the elections. The new authorities should consider it seriously in their governance. There follows the complete text. ... continuar...


FSLN-Liberal Alliance In a Technical Tie
Surveys inform, strategies are refined, the campaign advances, but issues are still undefined, and the people begin to deliberate. These will be crucial elections.... continuar...


VOTER CONFUSION This year Nicaraguan voters are bewildered not only by the six ballots they must grapple with, but also by three different kinds of voter registration documents, depending on... continuar...


Signing Peace and Building It
The Arzú government and the URNG have the challenge of making the peace documents something alive, so that the people back them with their active participation. That is the way to build peace for one and all. ... continuar...


What's Behind the EPR Guerrillas?
The appearance in Guerrero of the Revolutionary Popular Army is a new warning sign about what can happen in Mexico if a political reform that involves everybody keeps getting put off and if an economic policy that excludes millions stays in place.... continuar...


A Small Great Country That the North Doesn't Understand
A people with infinite capacity for preserving a sense of solidarity and dignity amidst extreme misery defies the North. The U.S. seeks to reform the state, but has no confidence in the society. It is at a loss, not knowing how to create mechanisms that relate money with needs. Is it that they don’t know, don’t understand, or simply don’t want to? ... continuar...

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