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  Number 181 | Agosto 1996



Promises Coming and Going
Promises of the international community – to what extent do they condition the next government? Promises of the candidates – are they viable and realistic? The elections move into the final stretch.... continuar...


CHAMORRO VETOES 6% FOR UNIVERSITIES On May 10, President Chamorro vetoed the law, passed by the National Assembly on April 18, that affirms the government's obligation to provide 6% of the national... continuar...


Badly Fed and Malnourished
The united nations food and agriculture organization (fao) defines food se?curity as guaranteeing that a country's population has stable access to its basic food needs, both physically and economically.... continuar...

El Salvador

We're in the Dark and Losing the Way
In the country light is lacking to illuminate the truths that are not spoken. And leadership is lacking to speak the truth and orient the nation, which floats like a boat adrift. Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chávez has spoken with lucidity and courage about this crisis.... continuar...


The Clinton Report and The Arzú Plan
After six months in power, the Arzú government has ready a plan to “modernize” the Guatemalan state. It is a process that could last 25 years. Meanwhile, the U.S. and the C.I.A. say that they have “corrected” the past errors they committed here.... continuar...


It's a Frontal War
What’s behind the increasing violations of Mexicans’ rights? A dogmatic counter-insurgency plan? A power structure (that of old-time leaders) out of control and beyond sanctions? The inertia of institutions molded by authoritarianism? The fatalism of the neoliberal model, devoid of social solutions?... continuar...


The New Society We Yearn For
For a truly popular political force, it is important both to win democratic elections and to develop a strategy of active, propositive opposition. No force should consider itself today to be the vanguard of the people, but rather should see itself as the rearguard of an organized civil society.... continuar...

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