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  Number 179 | Junio 1996



Honesty Doesn't Come Cheap
How to overcome the dilemmas of the three impossible Nicaraguas: the Somocista, the Sandinista and the present one riddled with nepotism? Out of the grimy political culture we must seek truly honest elections. It is a challenge for all Nicaraguans.... continuar...


FROM MILITARY BASTION TO NATIONAL PARK In an act to commemorate President Chamorro's sixth year in office, General Joaquín Cuadra, the head of the army, turned over to her the Loma de Tiscapa... continuar...


Election Polls: Will the Güegüense Return?
From the book by Leslie E. Anderson, Elections and Democracy in Central America,The University of Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1995. This chapter, "Elections and Public Opinion in the Development of Nicaraguan Democracy," was condensed and edited by envío with the author's permission.... continuar...

El Salvador

The Challenge of Crime
So far this year there have been 22 deaths daily, product of criminal violence. If the tendency keeps up till the end of the 90s, crime will have caused more deaths than twelve bloody years of war.... continuar...


Next Thorny Accord: The Armed Forces
Guatemalan society, reserved and mistrustful, speaks out in a recent survey about the army. The topic of the armed forces is the thorn of contention on the peace negotiations.... continuar...


An Authoritarian Answer
Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets to celebrate the First of May, calling for a change of economic model. The government’s response? An authoritarian social control law, geared to repression.... continuar...


Authoritarian Roots and Democratic Shoots
By Victor Hugo Acuña Ortega, director of the University of Costa Rica's Central American Historical Research Center. This paper, edited by envío, was first presented to the Multidisciplinary Encounter on Nationalism and Identity, organized by the Institute of History of Nicaragua (IHN) in May 1995. It also appears in Nicaragua en busca de su identidad, published by the IHN and the Central American University of Managua, September 1995.... continuar...


The End of the Army: An Enormous Step
Haiti’s revolution of the last ten years has worldwide importance, out of proportion with the size of such a small country, one of the poorest on the planet. One gigantic step in this revolution has been eliminating the army created by the United States.... continuar...

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