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  Number 178 | Mayo 1996



Nicaragua's Two Options: Change or Stay the Same
Whoever looks into the depths of the electoral morass will become aware that there are only two options: more of the same or change. What will change mean? What political force can effect this change?... continuar...


ANOTHER STAND OFF Yet another month has gone by in which executive legislative tensions and the relatively murky political interests of the legislators prevented the election of a new Supreme... continuar...


With Peace in Sight, Challenges Abound
“War is the most costly and extreme price that we have had to pay in order that the power brokers be at least a bit moved.” The price is paid, and the war is on the verge of ending.... continuar...


The Honeymoon's Over; The Dispute's Begin
Despite the distressful situation of most Hondurans, there is little grassroots vitality for putting up an effective resistance against those responsable for their misfortunes and for overcoming the dead-end schemes of the political parties.... continuar...


Promises Gone Up in Smoke
Electoral campaigns overflow with slogans and promises. In Panama many believed them. In just a few months they have all gone up in smoke.... continuar...


Tabasco: Dignity and Petroleum
Tabasco is near Chiapas, but not only geographically. The same social marginalization the and same rebellious inconformity in the face of government policies make of Tabasco and Chiapas a single conflict zone, a single terrain for solidarity. ... continuar...


Helms-Burton Law: Cubans Speak
envío offers extracts of several selected documents and speeches by Cubans who analyze, criticize and challenge the Helms Burton Law. While the law hardens the blockade by internationalizing it, it is also hardening Cubans and the rest of the world against a foolish and outmoded policy.... continuar...


The Fight Against Privatization
On the eve of turning the government over to his successor, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide took some important decisions for his country and for his own life.... continuar...

América Latina

For an Agrarian Reform Of the Air Waves
Text and commentaries of the Declaration of Radio Enthusiasts and Televisionaries: an instrument for reflection and action in the struggle to democratize mass communications. ... continuar...

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