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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 177 | Abril 1996



Bridging the Bridge: ESAF and the Future
Until now economic policy remains stabilized on the tip of a boulder that stands in the middle of a river that keeps rising. What to do – dive into the waters and risk death or wait up on the rock until certain death arrives? ... continuar...


The Election Labyrinth
What will be the outcome of the coming elections? The parties and many potential voters keep trying to find the “center”. Meanwhile, the intricated technical maze of the elections is challenge for all of us.... continuar...


Rural Violence Reports of kidnappings, intimidation and atrocious killings around Waslala and other areas in northern Nicaragua continued to pour in throughout February. Disarming the groups... continuar...

El Salvador

Four Visits, Four Messages
Will the peace process pass into oblivion? Still awaiting are task, laws, agreements... Is there any economic plan to rescue the country from its crisis? Inertia and shortsightedness prevail, while the abyss between rich and poor grows and ecological destruction advances. ... continuar...


Already Post-War, But Still no Peace
New realities speed up the peace clock. Meanwhile, the wall of impunity remains strong, the wall of secrecy begins to crumble, and organized crime increases its “productivity” and “is privatized”. ... continuar...


The Zapatatistas' Voice Is Still Being Heard
“It is shameful that only in the last decade of the 20th century does the government begin to recognize our existence and our rights. And even there they have been niggardly!” Once again, the Zapatistas negotiate, make proposals and convoke Mexican society.... continuar...


The Fight Against Corruption: Banner of the Left
Extracts from the first chapter of Augusto Zamora's book, Nicaragua's Future, Fondo Editorial CIRA, Managua, July 1995.... continuar...

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