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  Number 172 | Noviembre 1995



Foreign Debt: A New Face
The Ministry of Foreign Cooperation has launched a bold operation of buying back Nicaragua’s commercial debt, something quite beneficial for the country. Will it be possible to try another bold operation, one of debt exchange with Germany in order to save the National Development Bank? We make the proposal. ... continuar...


Nicaraguan Youth: What Do They Want and What Are They Like?
Nicaraguan young people want to live in a better country. They are not interested in politics and are fairly unorganized. They know their rights, but not so much their duties. Above all, they want to work, and they aspire to good professional training.... continuar...


Is ESAF's Career at an End?
In the last few months the government has with its own hands destroyed the image that it had forged of being a reconciler and seeker of accords. Now the valuable bridge of the structural adjustments, on which it had been walking with pride and security, has begun to tremble. ... continuar...


HEAVY LEGISLATIVE DEBATES EXPECTED Three strategically important and arduously contested bills will be debated in Nicaragua's National Assembly in October. The most important are the Property... continuar...

El Salvador

ARENA Remains United
In the 1997 elections ARENA may again prove itself to be the primary political force in El Salvador. This rightist party has a proven capacity for maintaining its cohesion and including new interest sectors in its fold. ... continuar...


Massacre at Chisec: History Repeats Itself
Behind the massacre in Chisec lies the delicate state of the peace negotiations. Land, taxes, the future of the army – all were under discussion when a blood history was repeated in Chisec.... continuar...


Will Justice Finally Be Done?
In a country where justice has always functioned as a serpent that bites only the shoeless, the courageous action of the Public Ministry offers hope of change. Will justice be carried out? Will it be capable of biting those who wear military boots?... continuar...


Gambling on a Dangerous Adventure
A gigantic commercial enclave in the Canal Zone territories that will be returned to Panama in the year 2000? And a “modernization” of the public sector in order to guarantee social control favorable to foreign investment? That’s what some are betting on. ... continuar...


New Army Will Make Millions of Enemies
The irruption of the Zapatistas into Mexican reality has brought about an unprecedented restructuring of the army and a redefinition of what “enemies” need to be combated. Almost any one of the millions of Mexicans excluded from the economic model can be turned into an enemy. ... continuar...


The Future of Humanity Is Being Decided Today
Director of the Felix Varela Center, a Cuba NGO. (This article summarizes part of the author's book, Tercer Milenio: Una visión alternativa de la posmodernidad).... continuar...

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