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  Number 171 | Octubre 1995



How Hummingbirds Are Raised
Despite the crisis, the private banks in Nicaragua currently have significant savings deposits in dollars. Where did all this money come from? It is quite possible that in our banks we are breeding “hummingbird capital”.... continuar...


Sustainable Agriculture: The Way Out?
The new natural technologies are economically and ecologically sustainable, and the are the only possibility for Nicaragua. For that reason they must be made politically possible. ... continuar...


Premature Election Campaigning Overshadows All
Perhaps the premature nature of the campaign has charged the pre-electoral climate with shortsightedness and personal ambition. Ultimately, the climate is being filled with shadows. ... continuar...


THE DEA SETS UP SHOP The US Drug Enforcement Agency has decided to open a provisional office in Managua, assigned to the US Embassy, to "organize training programs, investigatory counselling... continuar...

El Salvador

Toward Democracy Or Authoritarianism?
The Salvadoran economy is becoming globalized. This may produce “economic growth”, but does not create social wealth for the majority of people, or even guarantee them the most basic welfare; in fact it excludes them from the system. Such an economy inevitably requires repressive policing procedures.... continuar...


The Bishops Speak of True Peace
The direction and the fulfillment of the peace accords depend on the results of the November elections. Meanwhile, the bishops point out three obstacles to peace in this country that has one of the greatest gaps between poor and rich. ... continuar...


Alarming Signs of a Dirty War
The victims of arbitrariness end up being the guilty ones, while activists of the social and political organizations are treated as delinquents and terrorists. The ungovernability of the country deepens, and the party-state seeks to respond with a dirty war.... continuar...


The Elections: Now We're Adults
The Haitian elections have been one more step on the road to democracy and should open up spaces for this people and their government to formulate their own national development project and regain their sovereignty. ... continuar...


The Death Throes of Liberalism
Liberals applaud the collapse of communism as a triumph, but they applaud their own funeral. After 200 years of opposing democracy with reforms and illusions about future development, they have been shown to be stark naked and defenseless. It is their final hour. ... continuar...

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