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  Number 170 | Septiembre 1995



Deactivating Mines: Pacifying Nature
There are still 95,000 mines sown in Nicaragua’s soil, dangerous reminders of the war. Any project, whether economic or social, tourist-oriented or ecological, requires that the mines be removed.... continuar...


The Electoral Process: For Elites Only?
Although the political class is irresponsible and civil society is weak, the electoral process can provide time and space for society to debate national problems and provide answers to the poor majority. ... continuar...


THE NEW LEGISLATIVE AGENDA The National Assembly has announced the tasks that will take priority now that the reformed Constitution has gone into effect: reforms to the electoral law, passage... continuar...


One Year into ESAF: What Must Still Be Adjusted?
As much as we have criticized the content and implementation of the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF), we must accept it as necessary and inevitable. ESAF offered access to concessionary... continuar...

El Salvador

Labor Unrest and Organized Crime
Social and labor conflicts find violent expression, and violence is also used to confront and try to resolve them. The violence of “organized crime” also continues, a post-war version of the death squads.... continuar...


Peace Process Stalled Till After Elections
Conflicting historical interests, a weak government, and a powerful and contradiction filled army make it clear that a definitive peace will not be signed before the elections. The future of the peace process will depend on those elections. ... continuar...


The Tacamiche Conflict: A Good Test
The agrarian conflict between the banana transnational Tela Railroad Company and a group of its workers demonstrates the limits that popular struggles have in these neoliberal times. ... continuar...


Families: Violence and Survival
How can Central America advance towards peace and democracy if families barely manage to survive, if so much violence exists in homes, if such violence is seen as something “natural” and if in the end it remains unpunished?... continuar...

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