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  Number 169 | Agosto 1995



A Parade of Images in Paris
At stake in Paris was whether Nicaragua would change from being classified as a country that receives “aid for development” to being a country that qualifies for “humanitarian aid”, as is the case in many African countries. The only victory of the government in Paris was preventing the reclassification, at least for now.... continuar...


Not Yet to the Root of the Crisis
With the waning of the institutional crisis, the country has taken an important step towards a greater balance of power and the democracy it needs, but the root of the crisis has still not been reached.... continuar...


PROPERTY ISSUE STILL SPARKS MOBILIZATION On June 15, hours after the political agreement between the executive and legislative negotiators was signed in Nicaragua, some 30 Sandinista agricultural... continuar...

El Salvador

The San Andrés Pact: Authoritarian or Democratizing?
What kind of country is being forged? A country nostalgic for the harmony that authoritarianism created during decades? A country whose productivity will be only a myth in a few years? A country of menial jobs that aborted its transition to democracy?... continuar...


The Many Wars Of the Centaur
With peace still distant but urgently demanded, the Guatemalan state, that enslaving centaur, undertakes battles on all sides and wages its many and varied wars with a single objective: not to lose its power.... continuar...

Costa Rica

Figueres Succumbs to Neoliberal Orthodoxy
Lacking an organized mass base on which to support himself, as well as the boldness to develop one, and desperate to gain new credit, Figueres has finally shelved his anti-neoliberal program and accepted one by one the neoliberal projects that he criticized so much before becoming president. How did he arrive at this point and why?... continuar...


The Honeymoon's Over
The arrival of “people power” gave hope to Panamanians. Now all has changed. Many already see that the economic policies not only do not favor them but are aimed at removing them from the picture.... continuar...


New, Wider Households in Women's Hands
In recent years Central American families have changed profoundly, and their homes have also been transformed. The cause? Defending themselves from the political violence of the 80s and surviving the economic crisis of the 90s.... continuar...

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