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  Number 163 | Febrero 1995



Environmental Law: For the Future of All
Will it be possible for Nicaragua’s political forces to reach consensus about defending our environment with a law? The process has stagnated, while society and nature are waiting.... continuar...


The Constitutional Reforms: Another Opportunity
The National Assembly should introduce constitutional reforms in order to exercise its right to legislate in economic matters. And to revise the accords signed with the IMF.... continuar...

El Salvador

FMLN's Convention Resolutions
Promoting municipalities that are democratic and that generate development. Superceding the presidentialist system and making a modernized and democratized legislative assembly the first power of government. These are the proposals of the FMLN. ... continuar...


The Peace Process is Dead! Long live the Electoral Process!
The peace process between the guerrilla and the government has already passed to the back burner. The question of the year is not when the peace accord will be signed, but who will be the candidates in the next elections.... continuar...


Now There is Light but Blackouts Continue
Where are the disappeared? And their killers? Will these crimes remain unpunished? How does such an impoverished country develop? How does the life of workers improve? These are some of the shadows that continue to darken Honduras.... continuar...


The Downfall of the Neoliberal Fantasy
The economic chaos that the country is experiencing has given evidence of the fragile foundations of the Mexican “miracle”. Paradoxically, the economic crisis has brought a benefit: it avoided the outbreak of war in Chiapas. It was a completely unexpected turn of events. ... continuar...


Central America's Challenge: Produce And Participate
A summary by Juan Hernández Pico, sj, of the findings of the annual seminar held by the Research and Social Action Center for Central America (CIASCA), in which a group of Jesuits and lay people working in the region analyze the past year's events and emerging trends. The 1994 CIASCA seminar was held in Guatemala in December. ... continuar...

América Latina

Summit of the Americas: Only the US Wins
“The problem is not one of commercial barriers between our countries, but of social clases within them.” So affirmed Robert Kennedy when the Alliance for Progress was going strong. Thirty years later, what is the Miami Summit proposing?... continuar...


For an Equitable and Autonomous Coexistence
At the end of last September, organizations of civil society from around the world met in Madrid in an alternative forum to the 50th anniversary of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, held there at the same time. envío offers the following critique of "development," a working document from that forum, because we consider it a lucid expression of the planet's "other voices," for whom we try to serve as a platform.... continuar...

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