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  Number 162 | Enero 1995



BT: Chronicle of an Opportunity Lost
In 1990 everything was set so that Nicaragua could enter the promising world of biotechnology by producing biological insecticide on the basis of “Bt”. Then the Chamorro government arrived and the project was ditched. This is the story of a bacterium who as sidelined by the neoliberals.... continuar...


Will Economics and Politics Keep Playing at the Same Table?
The unrestrained rivalry among political leaders and the fight for survival among economic groups, all looking to get rich quick before the game ends, are actually what is bringing the game to its end. ... continuar...


UN REPORT ON NICARAGUA In mid November, the Secretary General of the United Nations presented his annual report on Nicaragua's current situation to the UN General Assembly, a follow up on the... continuar...

El Salvador

Archbishop Rivera y Damas: Wit the Light of Bishop Romero
Bishop Rivea y Damas died before his country has seen a solid peace. Until his last days Rivera stayed alert. Until the end he followed the tradition he inherited from Bishop Romero.... continuar...


Three Stubborn Women Confront Impunity
In Guatemala human rights are still being violated, and with impunity. Now the U.N. is in the country, observing this reality. Three women, Helen Mack, Karen Fisher and Jennifer Harbury, have decided to challenge this reality. ... continuar...


The New Look of the "Red Package"
Cosmetics? Social patches? Something more? The neoliberal economic plan, “the red package”, underwent modifications in the Congress after a long debate. Now comes the test: taking it from paper to real life.... continuar...


Top Down Economic Plan Designed for Few
What’s the direction of the economic policy of the Torrijista PRD, now in power? In a document that has had an undeniable echo, Panamanian lay ministers are seriously questioning the new government’s economic plan. And they are making proposals. There follows a summary of what is contained in that document.... continuar...


Geoculture: The Key to Understanding Haiti?
Aristide is back. He was a prophet. He has been a priest. Now he is “king”. His political movement Lavalas (Avalanche) has lost many cadres and members, but it is still there, because it has not one head but a thousand feet. It is still there, ready to build the future.... continuar...

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