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  Number 160 | Noviembre 1994



Eucalyptus: the Bessings of a Damned Tree
Wiping out forests to sow eucalyptus trees is disastrous, but on lands where nothing is growing, where only the eucalyptus can grow, might not that “damned tree” be an answer, a blessing of nature?... continuar...


A Needed Renewal
The Sandinista agrarian reform gave small farmers millions of hectares of land, financing, machinery and training, but as an economic development project it was a failure. Why? The most basic was missing.... continuar...


Time for Transparency
Drawing up the budget, evaluating external aid, renegotiating the debt and an five-year economic program – they are four initiatives, four opportunities to test to see if there is will for consensus and transparency.... continuar...


FSLN CRISIS On September 9, 76 of the Sandinista Assembly's 120 members voted to return FSLN general secretary Daniel Ortega to his seat in the National Assembly, filled since 1990 by his alternate,... continuar...

El Salvador

Rubén Zamora on the Political Crisis
It’s a state that accepts ever more the transnational limits on its power. There’s an opposition that makes no alternative proposals. They strip politics of its greatest appeal and throw it into the arms of the other allure: enrichment. And along with that, corruption. No country saves itself – not even the country of “The Savior”. ... continuar...


Coffee Prices Up in the "Country of the Few"
The U.N. has arrived and the government prepares to limit its ambit. The army fine tunes its strategy for the future peace, while camouflaging its crimes with the youth gangs. Meanwhile, the price of cardamom is down and that of coffee is up in this land “of so few”. ... continuar...


The Impact of the "Red Package"
Thousands of small farmers pressed President Reina not to approve the new economic plan, and the liberal deputies of Reina’s party refused to approve it. For various reasons the “red package” has had to pass through a rocky road.... continuar...


Three Chllenges of a Cadaveer
The great crimes are repeated with impunity. The bands of assassins appear. The super-millionaires keep getting richer. The power of drug trafficking grows. It is urgent to dissolve the marriage between the PRI and the state. How will Mexican society respond to these challenges?... continuar...


The Media: Where Cuba Blockades Itself
Throughout the world there is opinion and debate about the Cuban crisis. Is it debated in Cuba? The Cuban mass media can play an important role in an open debate which includes all Cuban society, not just the revolutionaries and the cadres. What role are the media playing?... continuar...

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