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  Number 16 | Octubre 1982



News And Analysis Update – September 5 To October 5, 1982
The meeting of foreign ministers in San Jose, Costa Rica, was attended not only by representatives of Central American and Caribbean governments, but also by the U.S. Undersecretary of State for Latin American Affairs, Thomas Enders. It was an event of great importance that will have its consequences.... continuar...


Sandinista Defense Committees (Cdss): Impressions After Four Years Of Existence
In Nicaragua today, when people talk about culture, adult education, health campaigns, political consciousness-raising, national defense (militia, voluntary night watch), food distribution and price... continuar...


Honduras: A Key Piece In The Central American Puzzle
Honduras has come to play a key role for the future of all Central America, and the U.S. has taken care to support policies that guarantee that Honduras will assume this key role. ... continuar...

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