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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 155 | Junio 1994



Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast: New Government, Old Problems
Scars and hatreds inherited from the war, divisions among ethnic groups, personal interests, the humiliating intrusion of Managua – all of these were present in the election of the new Coast authorities. ... continuar...


The FSLN Congress: What's at Stake
What should be the alternative program and strategy of the FSLN as it confronts the neoliberal project that leaves more Nicaraguans impoverished every day? ... continuar...


The Economic Curtains UP: What's the Political Play?
With the signing of the structural adjustment agreement a new stage begins. With more of the same? With new consensus? With authoritarianism and repression? With total chaos? There are four possible scenarios. ... continuar...


FSLN CONGRESS In the last half of April, Sandinistas held departmental congresses all over the country to discuss the preparatory documents for the extraordinary congress the FSLN will hold... continuar...

El Salvador

New, Complex Challenges Every Day
El Salvador begins a new stage. Will it be more of the same? Will the FMLN split? What will happen with local government? Will democracy consolidate?... continuar...


The Rich Don't Want to Pay Taxes
After Haiti, Guatemala is the Latin American country with the lowest tax burden. The president is pushing a feeble reform, but the rich are not accepting it and threaten with business closings and coups. Meanwhile, the military is preparing its strategy in order to foil the United Nations mission.... continuar...


The Goverment Turns on the Church of the Poor
The revolutionary outburst in Chiapas has unleashed a high-level campaign against the people-oriented church and against theology liberation. Thus today Mexico “smells like Central America”. ... continuar...

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