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  Number 150 | Enero 1994



Selling Sewage Sludge: A Dirty Deal
The development of the developed countries was undertaken without knowing for sure what it was that was being developed. In large measure, what was being developed was wasteful consumption, weapons of mass destruction, and harmful waste products. It is all rubbish that is becoming ever more abundant and more dangerous. ... continuar...


Welcome to the Free Trade Zone
The maquila is not a way towards development; it is just a salve to relieve the crisis. It is a desperate, and hopefully transitory, way of concealing unemployment and misery. ... continuar...


Happy New Year From the IMF
In the churning river of dialogues, political readjustments and constitutional reforms, all the advantage has been for the “fishers” of the IMF, who got what they wanted.... continuar...


IS THE POLITICAL DIALOGUE REALLY GOING SOMEWHERE? The on again off again political dialogue in Nicaragua is finally feeling the pinch of realism and sensibility from one side, and of the economic... continuar...


A November Full of Pitfalls
A compromise, but not a good agreement. A plebiscite in which abstention may be the winner. Impunity that never ends. And peace that still does not arrive. Many are beginning to get discouraged.... continuar...


Indisputable Vote Against Neoliberalism
"The economic adjustment program never went beyond the stage of good intentions. Production was weakened, exports fell and macroeconomic imbalances continued. My government will show no fear to the IMF. It will recognize its foreign debt, but will not continue paying with Honduran lives." Carlos Roberto Reina. ... continuar...


NAFTA: More than just Free Trade
Behind NAFTA are hidden the military and security interests of the U.S. – and also a thirst for Mexican oil.... continuar...

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