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  Number 15 | Septiembre 1982



News And Analysis Update, August 10 To September 5, 1982
The period covered in this update has been very eventful. Some of those events, particularly those which concern U.S.-Nicaraguan relations, reflected a situation which we have analyzed in the past and... continuar...


The Ideological Struggle In Nicaragua’s Protestant Churches
“The U.S. should take the ideological initiative ... The struggle is to conquer the consciousness of humanity. The political/ideological element must prevail.: Such are the concepts expressed in the Santa Fe Document of the Reagan administration.... continuar...


The Impact Of Nicaragua’s Economic Situation On The Poor
What effects does the economic crisis have on the poor masses of the country, and what steps have the government and the FSLN taken to alleviate the problems? Are there any results?... continuar...

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