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  Number 149 | Diciembre 1993



Biodiesel: The Miracle of a "Useless" Tree
Nicaragua can save tens of millions of dollars by sowing tempate trees and reaping diesel fuel. In these times of polarization and paralysis, this project offers the nation a great example of how to think and work with a vision of the future.... continuar...


León: Paralyzed Production, Paralyzed Imaginations
For 40 years Leon has depended on cotton, but now cotton offers no solutions. Its production is not profitable. It does not attract investment. Its exportation is not competitive. With the death of cotton, Leon agonizes.... continuar...


Time to Talk to Each Other... Not at each Other
As long as all those who have something to say and do in this crisis don’t set themselves to the task of finding solutions to the economic problems, Nicaragua will continue adrift, at mercy of the winds of political ungovernability.... continuar...


DISARM OR ELSE Hoping to avoid a military response, the government extended the date for rearmed groups to lay down their weapons one more time. On September 28, "Pedrito el Hondureño," who... continuar...


Is It Time for Another Literacy Crusade?
Thirteen years have passed since the National Literacy Crusade, one of the revolution's most beautiful undertakings. Today, illiteracy levels have again shot up and we are now in almost the same... continuar...

El Salvador

The Death Squads are Back
Why are the death squads back in action at this moment? Because it is not just “any” moment. It is already clear that the electoral battle will be between the ultraright ARENA, birthplace of the death squads, and the FMLN-CD.... continuar...


De León in his Labyrinth
The peace plan proposed by Ramiro de León Carpio reflects hard positions and pressures from the army. The president is losing his great opportunity to achieve peace.... continuar...


Callejas on his Way Out
The neoliberal adjustment has been a failure for the majorities, including in Honduras. Economists there are demanding a national patriotic accord in order to promote a true development project. ... continuar...


Why are More People Poor?
After a decade of structural adjustments and application of IMF and World Bank recipes, there is an ever increasing number of poor people in the world, and their poverty is ever more humiliating. The people who propose the adjustments and recipes got together in Oaxaca with other sectors to reflect on why this is happening.... continuar...

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