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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 148 | Noviembre 1993



Street Children--Mortgaging the Future
Why are there children in the street? What are they doing there? What are the risks to them? What can be done to deal with a problem that grows daily and would seem to have no solution?... continuar...


What Happened in the Economist's Meeting?
As rector of the Central American University (UCA) and president of the Regional Coordinating Body of Socioeconomic Research (CRIES), thus responsible for two important national economic teams, I want... continuar...


Would the IMF Accept a More Productive Adjustment?
The politics of the government, the UNO and the FSLN are criticizing as never before the intransigence of the program imposed by IMF. But many of these discourses camouflage that old saying: “You have to change something so that nothing changes at all.”... continuar...


Transport Workers V. The Whole Economic Plan
The people pinpointed the most serious error of the economic plan: a recessive and anti-productive fiscal policy. The transport strike was the social expression of the collapse of the economic model.... continuar...


HOSTAGE TO PAYMENTS ON A $1.5 BILLION DEBT Just after the transport strike, President Chamorro and finance minister Emilio Pereira went to Washington for preliminary meetings with the International... continuar...

El Salvador

A Revealing Health Workers's Trike
While the government launched a campaign with the slogan "We will keep improving", public attention during the month was captured by the strike of health workers, who are denouncing the deterioration of the public health system.... continuar...


Purging the Congress: A Pandora's Box
At the end of September the president was still facing an acute crisis of ungovernability. The purging process that was launched against the endemic corruption in the government has turned into a quicksand. There were rumors that the new president wanted to resign; in July he had already threatened to do so. ... continuar...

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