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  Number 147 | Octubre 1993



Hope in Lechecuagos
Fe y Alegría has been working in Nicaragua for 13 years. It provides a human development alternative and has demonstrated its effectiveness in its accomplishments... continuar...


Nicaragua's Polarization is Reaching the Boiling Point
Nicaragua demonstrates that the attempt to make a revolution can be as explosive and moving as the attempt to do the opposite: install a counter-revolution.... continuar...


MORE ON THE EPS EXECUTIVE CRISIS In her remarks during the Army Day celebration President Chamorro also announced that she will promote a constitutional change in the name of the military institution... continuar...

El Salvador

Elections: Will all be Able to Vote?
With six months till elections and only three to finish the enrolment process, almost 800,000 Salvadorans still don’t have the electoral ID card which will allow them to exercise their vote. Will the Supreme Electoral Tribunal be able to solve this problem?... continuar...


Ramiro de León: the Military's Dream?
The purging of the Serranists who remained in the Congress is at once a distraction and an attraction. Still, Guatemala has more serious problems: the economic crisis and the war. The country needs deep changes, not cosmetic changes.... continuar...


Beans on the Front Burner
The free market preached with priestly unction by the government has found problems with the humble red bean, principal source of protein for the Honduran poor, who thanks to the structural adjustment now number 8 of every 10 people.... continuar...


The New Transitions: Where are they Headed?
The right is attempting to impose their version of democracy and to control the transition process. We must deny the rightist thesis that insists that the worldwide transition is towards neoliberal capitalism. The left should have a clear strategy – otherwise, to avoid shipwreck we might take it into the enemy’s port.... continuar...

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