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  Number 144 | Julio 1993



Indefinition in Washington, Intransigence in Nicaragua
The Nicaraguan far right is not defeated, and its sponsors in the U.S. have not abandoned the struggle. The U.S. still maintains many contacts with the local far right groups.... continuar...


The Unending Calvary of Mothers of the Disappeared
The war that devastated Nicaragua during the 1980s left more than 150,000 victims, including dead, disabled, widowed and orphaned. But there are still other victims, who left behind them only a trial... continuar...


New Times, New Role for Universities of the South
What does it mean to educate “successful” professionals in this sea of poverty, in a society that is ever more elitist and less governable? “The excellence of our university is not in being like Harvard or Oxford. It is in mastering our own national reality, in forming a conscience of transformation and in contributing effectively to the process of change. The excellence of a distinctive university should lie in knowledge of our reality, in knowing what is being done and whaat should be done.... continuar...


ARMY REPORT TO THE OAS General Humberto Ortega informed the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) in April that Nicaragua's army, still constitutionally called the Sandinista... continuar...

El Salvador

Elections Ahead, Peace Accords Behind?
The country is passing through a stage of transition: from the struggle for compliance with the peace accords to the contradictions that the March 1994 elections present.... continuar...


The Coup All Knew Was Coming
Serrano’s coup lasted 7 days. The military counter-coup with Vice-president Espina lasted 3 days. Now the prestigious Human Rights Commissioner León Carpio is governing. What was happening in Guatemala just before these still very questionable events?... continuar...


Neoliberal Measures Cause New Problems
As in other Latin American countries there is growing in Honduras a generalized cry for the punishment of corrupt officials.... continuar...

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