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  Number 143 | Junio 1993



Foreign AID: Where have all the Dollars Gone?
It doesn’t help at all if more foreign exchange enters the country if there is no change in economic policy or the way the governments spends so much money.... continuar...


Reactivation: The Last Chance
The alliance of high-level state, military and political bureaucracies resists changing the direction of the eoncomy. The dominant group in the FSLN is an essential part of this alliance and this resistance.... continuar...


Introduction to this Edition
A UNIQUE EDITION AT A UNIQUE TIME At the center of Nicaragua's attention is an economy at the edge of collapse. Three years have gone by, with many promises but no economic reactivation, let... continuar...


The Farmer Program: an Alternative
Some 96 million dollars is the estimated cost of this program of economic reactivation, ecological rescue and promotion of private enterprise. A million Nicaraguans could be benefited.... continuar...


"Massacres in the Jungle"--Never Again?
Jesuit priest Ricardo Falla has dedicated the last five years of his life to accompanying the Communities of Population in Resistance and has just finished writing a book that relates the horrors that this people went through in 1982. envio spoke with Fr Falla.... continuar...


Liberation Theology: Theology of the South
With the crisis of socialism in the East and the crisis of capitalism in the South, greater space has been opened up for liberation theology. In this “new” international order it is even more necessary than before. ... continuar...

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