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  Number 125 | Diciembre 1991



Immovable Object Meets Irresistible Force
In a political variant of the old song recalled in the title, pressing immediate issues crossed paths with structural limitations in October to throw Nicaragua into crisis once again. The post-election... continuar...


The Environment: Saving Nicaragua's Soils
Due to deforestation and inappropriate agricultural practices, Nicaragua's best soils have been massively flushing into its two bordering oceans for over 30 years. Official statistics show that the... continuar...


Second Autonomy Symposium: A Big Push Forward
Nicaragua's second international autonomy symposium, held November 4-7, was not a typical conference, drowning in academic papers, with insufficient debate time in the auditorium and all the interesting... continuar...


DRUGS AND DOLLARS Since Violeta Chamorro's inauguration, the lifting of the US trade embargo and the freeing up of many import tariffs has brought a flood of imported consumer goods to Nicaragua... continuar...


The Economic Plan’s Feet of Clay
In our first analysis of the Lacayo Plan, the central issue was whether the Nicaraguan economy, both rural and urban, would find itself at a dead end after the defeat of hyperinflation. We concluded... continuar...

El Salvador

The Jesuit Case: Still Plagued by Questions
November 16 marked two years since the massacre at the Central American University (UCA) in San Salvador. The legal phase, including a three-day public trial, produced results that left nearly everyone... continuar...

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