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  Number 121 | Agosto 1991



The Right Wing's Third Try for Power
Carlos Salgado, a bright young analyst on the late-night radio news program "Sin Fronteras," mused one night toward the end of June that "the stability and national reconciliation we all hope... continuar...


Economic Stabilization--Stop Inflation, and Then What?
Presidential Minister Antonio Lacayo announced the government's sweeping economic plan on March 3 as "monetary stabilization at any cost today, economic reactivation tomorrow." While obvious that hyperinflation... continuar...


Inside the Property Debate
In a concerted effort to reverse the revolution's agrarian reform, rightwing sectors have managed to thoroughly confuse the real issues around Nicaragua's property debate both in and outside the country.... continuar...


SANDINISTAS SWEEP STUDENT ELECTIONS Contrary to rightwing hopes, university students across Nicaragua handed a decisive victory to the Sandinista Youth (JS) in elections for president of the... continuar...

América Latina

Latin America in the "New World Order"*
A series of international meetings and seminars held in Latin America and elsewhere in 1990-1991 indicate a common evaluation of the nature of Latin America's crisis, its dominant tendencies and counter-tendencies,... continuar...

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