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  Number 119 | Junio 1991



US Demands Devaluation--Of the FSLN
Although Daniel Ortega visited Washington several times during the first months of the revolution, and was even received in the White House by President Carter, he was never invited for an official visit.... continuar...


GUNFIRE SETS OFF MUD-SLINGING Just after midnight on Saturday April 27, a gunman hidden in a moving Toyota Land Cruiser set off a round of automatic-rifle fire at the Intercontinental Hotel's... continuar...


Daniel Ortega: "Everything Depends on Our Ability to Fight Back"
On April 12, the former President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, met with the envĂ­o editorial team, contributors and friends. In the interview, Ortega touches on several of the more controversial issues of Nicaragua's ever-changing political and economic scene.... continuar...


Women in Nicaragua: The Revolution on Hold
"It's a question of training woman to woman; understanding our bodies, knowing the laws that benefit us, understanding women's health... a whole number of things that let us begin to see that we as... continuar...


Solidarismo: Anti-Unionism in Sheep's Clothing
"Solidarismo seeks to co-opt, neutralize and dominate the working class, but in a persuasive and consensual manner, not through open coercion. And this form of covering up their intentions and trying... continuar...

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