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  Number 462 | Diciembre 2019
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The effects of the unexpected Evo factor
Evo Morales’ government, which enjoyed the best international media image of any in the ALBA group, came to an end following the loss of army and police support in the wake of an audit Morales himself... continuar...


Nicaragua briefs
LULA KNOWS WHEN TO QUIT In a November 8 speech in which he railed against Nicaragua’s bishops and business elite, Daniel Ortega celebrated former Brazilian President Lula da Silva’s release... continuar...


“We journalists have taken sides”
Neither as citizens nor as journalists were we prepared for what we have gone through in Nicaragua since April 2018. The Nicaraguan media have developed their own capacities for resistance in this... continuar...


Land takeovers in the 2018 crisis and Nicaragua’s housing deficit
When I woke up in the morning, I heard that everyone was going house to house advising us to go out and see because outsiders and people from around our neighborhood were taking over the Agrarian University’s... continuar...


Is there any way out of this narco-dictatorship?
After a New York jury handed down Tony Hernández’s conviction, all roads seemed to close off for his brother, Juan Orlando (“Tony”) Hernández, now in his second consecutive term as President of Honduras.... continuar...


Citizen mobilization in drug-violent democracies: The case of Mexico
Let’s imagine that for the last 15 years Mexico had been ruled by a dictatorship that killed 140,000 people; a regime that systematically tortured, kidnapped and extorted; exhibiting its victims in... continuar...

América Latina

Drug trafficking is embedded in Latin America’s politics and economy
The presence of drug trafficking in politics and the use of words we’re hearing more frequently to classify some governments as “narco-government,” “narco-State” or “narco-dictatorship,” have assumed... continuar...

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