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  Number 421 | Agosto 2016
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Not a stone will be left standing…
On July 28, Daniel Ortega made one of the most defining decisions of the single-party model he seems bent on imposing on this country: having already ordered the Supreme Court to disqualify the only... continuar...


Nicaragua briets
REPRESSION IN RANCHO GRANDE CENIDH has been receiving charges of arbitrary acts committed by Nicaraguan police against the peasant population of Rancho Grande, a municipality that late last... continuar...


Nicaragua’s electoral farce augurs a conflict with whoever wins in the US
Deputy foreign minister during the revolutionary years, the author recalls the general lines of US-Nicaraguan relations then and analyzes the possible scenarios for that relationship after the upcoming... continuar...


Armed and politically motivated: A repeating tragedy
Since 1990, the inability, insensitivity and lack of political will of Nicaragua’s successive governments to acknowledge and deal withthe civil war’s residual effects on those who are always being forgotten... continuar...

El Salvador

Political prisoners: “The Fifth Front” 36 years later
The Political Prisoners’ Committee of El Salvador (COPPES) was formed in September 1980 with a hunger strike in the Santa Tecla prison grounds and in the dark cells of the National Guard prison. Their... continuar...


A book bathed in tears
I first learned about Ixcan: Masacres y sobrevivencia (Ixcan: Massacres and survival) by Ricardo Falla in 1989. It was hidden in the catacombs of the Jesuit community in Nicaragua, where the... continuar...


How did we get to this chaos?
A curse long attributed to China says: May you live in interesting times. What makes it a curse is that too many events disturb the essential element of harmony, the basis of the Chinese pantheon.... continuar...

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